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@SarahDrewGreys Noooo! You can’t go!!!!

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make me chooseAnonymous asked you: camren or alren

Anonymous asked you: camren or normila

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First and last pic of Ellen and Sandra from season 10

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Idk I hope they fuck afterwards


Idk I hope they fuck afterwards

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being gay finally made me interesting.

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Next time on Faking It…

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you’re my best friend and i wanted you to be happy

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Faking It: Main Characters

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make me choose: hoechlinnz asked: calzona pre-plane crash or calzona post-plane crash

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No te pude retener, 
entre tanta multitud… 

Tu cuerpo quería más vivir 
y yo vivir en ti, sin más… 

    No te pude retener - Vanesa Martín y Malú

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